Serving those involved with child and family welfare

Comprehensive Community Assessment

Our Comprehensive Community Assessment documents, reviews and analyzes the full continuum of services to foster children and families in a thorough, timely and intentional manner that provides the necessary data and insight to clearly move forward with an action plan. It is informative, objective and includes data analysis of child welfare and the local socioeconomic situation, online surveys of the faith community and nonprofits, qualitative interviews with local leaders and a gap analysis of what services are most needed.

FaithBridge Community of Care™ Model Implementation

FaithBridge, in partnership with local affiliates, mobilizes and organizes churches as missional communities to serve children and families. We identify and engage strategic churches with the FaithBridge Community of Care™ model to recruit and train families and volunteers to form sustainable and growing ministries.

Organizational Audit

Our Organizational Audits improve operations and identify gaps in or barriers to providing the best possible service. The audit will include a four-pronged operational review of policy, physical assets, financials and human resources, including licensing standards and comparing state standards with current program policy and current practices. FaithBridge will train, equip and support the affiliate management team as they implement their action plan through first-class training and coaching.

Research and Surveys

We will conduct complex surveys commissioned by national and local partners exploring key issues in the child welfare arena. The surveys that we design and deploy are powered by enterprise-level software with the ability to have multiple branches based on response types and are shared via multiple venues and forms. We include research from public data sources, open records and proprietary resources. Together, we analyze results. 

Revenue Development

We review state child welfare standards to understand the current and future expectations and requirements of your program license and contract with the state and/or county child welfare system. Together, this positions our clients and affiliates to have a stronger financial position and sustainable business and ministry model.



Representative Projects 

    • Nationwide survey of 10,000+ churches to gauge activity and interest in foster care and adoption

    • Multi-county landscape study of the child welfare system for a group of churches seeking to start a foster care ministry

    • Program assessment, revenue development and leadership development for a multi-program facility that includes group, independent living and maternity homes

    • In-depth review of a local child welfare system for a family foundation seeking to develop programs serving at-risk children and families

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